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Why Us?

Why us?

Fundamentally what Conduct Research aims to deliver is the most positive outcome for the patients.

We value people above all else and believe in establishing the strongest possible working relationships with all of our partners and collaborators. This enables us to provide the benefits of a full-service CRO while remaining at an adaptable size for giving our attention to everything from the smallest and most focused studies to the largest-scale global trials.

Patient Centered

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. Conduct Research offers integrated clinical trial services, including trained personnel, to patients from diagnosis through survivorship.

Committed to Quality

We are committed to the care and improvement of human life by advancing science through cutting-edge research and transforming care by redefining the standards of quality and excellence in trials and research.

Safety & Care

Measuring performance is an important indicator of whether we are achieving our ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. Conduct Research tracks performance measures to assess patient safety, quality of care and satisfaction.

Effective & Efficient

Conduct Research specializes in clinical development services. We leverage expert physician leadership to design and implement clinical trials that effectively and efficiently lead to rapid clinical decisions.

Ethics & Compliance

Conduct Research has a comprehensive Ethics and Compliance program which includes: articulating standards of compliance and ethical conduct, creating awareness of these standards among everyone, monitoring and auditing performance in areas of compliance risk and establishing organizational supports for this entire effort.

Support & Management

Conduct Research offers operational, regulatory and other centralized research support services for sites on industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated trials. We also offer support services for trials across various tumor types including complex GI, lung, breast/gynecologic, central nervous system, genitourinary, melanoma and blood cancers.