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Therapeutic Areas

Therapeutic Areas

Developing clinical research expertise in specific therapeutic areas to support drug development, requires expert support, state-of-the art facilities, large recruitment capabilities and cross-disciplinary capabilities. With our extensive therapeutic expertise, and focus on oncology, gastroenterology and infectious diseases, we can help you shorten your time to market safely and realize the true potential of your drug compound around the world.

We offer a broad suite of solutions and support for every phase of clinical research and drug development, providing the scientific and technical expertise, resources, patients and reach you need across Canada.

Conduct Research uses industry benchmarks or better standards for enhanced quality, reliability, flexibility and support. To discover how our clinical trial services and therapeutic area expertise can support your drug development and clinical research, contact us today.

Therapeutic Focus Areas :

Oncology trials
Paediatric trials
Gastrointestinal disease trials
Respiratory trials
Device trials