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Site Management Organization

Site Management Organization

The success of any clinical trial is highly dependent on the investigator sites to produce high quality data. Site success impacts everyone, from patients to sponsors to regulatory decisions. For this, it is crucial that investigator sites and its processes are well managed.

If you are looking to establish a new site, grow your site, and looking to streamline your site processes, Conduct Research’s Site Management Organization (SMO) offers operational, regulatory, and other centralized research support services for sites on industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated trials. Our site operations team works with the sponsor and your site staff, to ensure compliance with clinical protocols and regulatory agencies. We can help you with patient recruitment strategies, better site performance parameters, and improved infrastructure management. We will work closely with each site and the principal investigator to develop successful recruitment and retention strategies for the subjects participating in the clinical trail.

Our support services are cross-functional across many therapeutic areas. We have supported oncology, gastroenterology, dental, and device trial sites, in in-patient and out-patient settings, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Our services will help you bring in additional funding for staffing at your site through various grants, sponsors, and third-party sources.

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