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Clinical Systems Consultations

Clinical Systems Consultations Conduct Research offers unique skillset to advise on a range of government and private healthcare systems and patient workflows. Our experience includes emergency services, in-patient hospital systems, and outpatient ambulatory practices. We tailor implementation of clinical trial projects for the Canadian health care system, with skilled knowledge gathering, designing, and validation sessions […]
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Site Management Organization

Site Management Organization The success of any clinical trial is highly dependent on the investigator sites to produce high quality data. Site success impacts everyone, from patients to sponsors to regulatory decisions. For this, it is crucial that investigator sites and its processes are well managed. If you are looking to establish a new site, […]
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Contract Research Organization

Contract Research Organization Conduct Research can work as your CRO, and help with the effective planning, execution, and management of the trials. Tracking the progress, and supervising changes in the study, and effective database management are important clinical trial processes that must be accomplished carefully. Conduct Research has expertise in all these areas. It is […]
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Therapeutic Areas

Therapeutic Areas Developing clinical research expertise in specific therapeutic areas to support drug development, requires expert support, state-of-the art facilities, large recruitment capabilities and cross-disciplinary capabilities. With our extensive therapeutic expertise, and focus on oncology, gastroenterology and infectious diseases, we can help you shorten your time to market safely and realize the true potential of […]
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