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Set up of Research Naïve Clinical Centers

Setting up research-naïve clinical centers is a pivotal first step in conducting clinical trials. These centers act as the primary locations where medical interventions, such as drug testing or medical device trials, are carried out. Conduct Research recognizes the importance of establishing these centers efficiently and meticulously.



Site Assessment: Conduct Research conducts a thorough assessment of potential clinical sites to ensure they meet regulatory and infrastructure requirements. This step prevents costly delays and regulatory compliance issues down the road.

Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex landscape of regulations and ethical guidelines is crucial. Conduct Research's expertise in regulatory affairs ensures that clinical centers meet all ethical and legal requirements.
Infrastructure Enhancement: Upgrading healthcare facilities to meet clinical trial standards is vital. Conduct Research oversees necessary infrastructure improvements, such as setting up specialized research equipment and data management systems.

Staff Training: Well-trained staff is essential for maintaining the integrity of clinical trials. Conduct Research provides comprehensive training programs to ensure that site personnel are well-prepared to conduct research with the highest standards of care and ethics.

Site Management

Site management is the core of conducting successful clinical trials. It involves various tasks to ensure that the trial progresses smoothly, adheres to protocols, and maintains data integrity.



Protocol Implementation: Conduct Research ensures that the clinical trial protocol is rigorously followed at each site. This includes proper patient recruitment, informed consent processes, and data collection methods.


Patient Recruitment: Efficient patient recruitment is essential for the timely completion of trials. Conduct Research employs strategies to identify and enroll eligible participants effectively, reducing trial delays.


Data Collection and Monitoring: Accurate data collection and rigorous monitoring are crucial to the validity of trial results. Conduct Research employs experienced monitors who regularly visit sites to review data, verify source documents, and ensure compliance with protocols.
Regulatory Compliance: Clinical trials are subject to strict regulatory oversight. Conduct Research's experts maintain continuous regulatory compliance to avoid costly delays or even trial termination.

Site Vendor Management

Clinical trials rely on various vendors, such as laboratories, imaging facilities, and drug suppliers. Managing these vendors efficiently is crucial for trial success.




Vendor Selection: Conduct Research helps identify and select reputable vendors, negotiating contracts that align with the trial's needs and budget.

Vendor Oversight: Continuous vendor oversight ensures that services and supplies are delivered on time and meet quality standards, reducing the risk of trial disruptions.

Cost Control: Efficient vendor management contributes to cost control, helping trials stay within budget.

Contract and Budget Management

Clinical trials are often resource-intensive endeavors. Efficient management of contracts and budgets is essential to control costs and allocate resources effectively.


Contract Negotiation: Conduct Research's expertise in contract negotiation ensures favorable terms and conditions with vendors, sponsors, and other stakeholders.

Budget Development: Accurate budgeting helps plan for expenses and allocate resources efficiently. Conduct Research assists in developing detailed budgets to prevent financial surprises.

Financial Oversight: Conduct Research monitors expenses throughout the trial, ensuring that they align with the approved budget and contractual agreements.

Site Invoicing

Site invoicing in clinical trials involves accurately documenting expenses and generating invoices for sponsors and other stakeholders.


Accurate Documentation: Conduct Research ensures that all trial-related expenses are meticulously documented to maintain transparency and compliance.

Timely Invoices: Generating invoices promptly and accurately contributes to efficient financial management and sponsor trust.

Payment Processing: Conduct Research oversees payment processing, ensuring that payments to sites, vendors, and staff are made in a timely manner.

HR, Staffing, and Payroll

Clinical trials require a dedicated and skilled workforce, which Conduct Research facilitates through comprehensive HR, staffing, and payroll services.



Staff Recruitment: Conduct Research assists in recruiting the right personnel for each clinical site, considering their qualifications and experience.

Training: Properly trained staff ensures the accurate execution of trial protocols and data collection, maintaining the trial's integrity.


Payroll Management: Ensuring that staff are paid accurately and on time is essential for maintaining a motivated and committed workforce.

SOP and Site Processes Development

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and well-defined site processes are crucial for maintaining consistency and quality in clinical research.


Quality Assurance: SOPs and processes developed by Conduct Research help maintain the highest standards of quality in data collection, patient care, and regulatory compliance.

Consistency: Standardized procedures ensure that every site operates in a consistent manner, reducing variability and improving the reliability of trial results.

Regulatory Compliance: Well-documented SOPs and processes assist sites in maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Equipment Maintenance

Proper maintenance of research equipment and facilities is essential for accurate data collection and participant safety.


Data Integrity: Regular equipment maintenance ensures that instruments and devices used in the trial are functioning correctly, minimizing errors in data collection.

Participant Safety: Well-maintained equipment reduces the risk of adverse events and ensures participant safety throughout the trial.

Attracting External Funding

In the competitive field of clinical research, attracting external funding is critical for research sustainability and growth.


Research Expansion: External funding allows Conduct Research to expand its research portfolio, explore new therapies, and engage in cutting-edge research.

Innovation: Attracting funding fosters innovation by supporting novel research ideas and projects that can advance healthcare and lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

Long-term Sustainability: External funding sources provide financial stability, enabling Conduct Research to continue its research initiatives and contribute to scientific advancements over the long term.


Conduct Research's comprehensive Site Management Organization services cover every aspect of clinical trial management, from initial site setup to attracting external funding. By efficiently handling these essential components, Conduct Research ensures that clinical trials are conducted with the highest standards of quality, compliance, and efficiency, ultimately contributing to advancements in healthcare and the development of innovative treatments for various medical conditions.

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