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Welcome to Conduct Research, a canadian owned and trusted Site Management Organization (SMO). Our organization is dedicated to delivering excellence in clinical trial site management, offering comprehensive services to a diverse range of clients including pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and independent invetigators.


As a leading SMO, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to streamline the site management process and optimize study outcomes. From site identification and selection to site initiation and activation, our team handles every aspect of site management with meticulous attention to detail. We believe that well-trained site personnel are essential for the smooth and efficient execution of clinical trials. Therefore, we provide customized training programs to enhance their knowledge and skills, ensuring adherence to study protocols and regulatory guidelines.


We understand that successful clinical trials rely on effective patient recruitment and retention. To address this crucial aspect, we employ targeted strategies and patient-centric approaches to identify and engage potential participants, ultimately maximizing enrollment and minimizing dropouts. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data integrity is reflected in our robust data management and quality assurance practices. We employ robust systems and processes to ensure secure and accurate data collection, storage, and analysis. This allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive reports and real-time access to study data, enabling informed decision-making throughout the trial.


At Conduct Research, we place patients at the center of everything we do. We are committed to a patient-centric approach that emphasizes their well-being, safety, and involvement throughout the trial process. We recognize the importance of clear and transparent communication, respect for patient rights, and ethical treatment. By fostering trust, engagement, and collaboration with study participants, we aim to create a positive experience that supports successful patient recruitment, retention, and overall trial success.

At Conduct Research, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and open communication. We forge strong partnerships with our clients, working closely with them to understand their unique needs and goals. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each project, ensuring that we deliver customized solutions that align with study timelines and budgetary constraints.

Conduct Research & as your SMO

At Conduct Research, we deeply comprehend the significant impact of clinical research on the development of transformative medical treatments and therapies. We recognize that groundbreaking advancements in healthcare are made possible through rigorous clinical trials. With this understanding, our core mission is to contribute to the clinical trial ecosystem by providing efficient and effective site management services.


Our primary objective is to streamline the site management process, ensuring that clinical trials are conducted with the utmost efficiency and precision. We understand that timely execution of trials is crucial for bringing new treatments to patients faster. By optimizing site management, we aim to accelerate the drug development process, reducing the time it takes for promising treatments to reach those in need.


At Conduct Research, we are driven by a patient-centric philosophy. We recognize that patients are at the heart of clinical research, and their well-being and safety are of paramount importance. Our site management strategies are designed with the utmost consideration for patient comfort, safety, and ethical treatment. We aim to create an environment that fosters trust and confidence, ensuring that patients are engaged, informed, and supported throughout their participation in the trial.


By focusing on quality, compliance, and patient-centricity, we aim to improve healthcare outcomes. We understand that the success of clinical trials directly impacts the development of innovative treatments that have the potential to transform lives. By facilitating efficient site management, we contribute to the generation of reliable data, which in turn leads to informed decision-making in healthcare. Ultimately, our efforts are aimed at advancing medical research and bringing novel therapies to patients in need.


At Conduct Research, we are proud to be part of the clinical research community, working towards the common goal of improving healthcare. By ensuring efficient site management, we play a vital role in supporting the scientific advancements that have the potential to shape the future of medicine.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance is a cornerstone of our site support services. We assist research centers in establishing robust quality management systems, conducting site audits, and ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines. Our experienced quality assurance team provides thorough assessments, identifying potential risks and implementing corrective measures. By upholding the highest ethical standards and regulatory compliance, we ensure the integrity and reliability of trial data.

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In summary, Conduct Research is your trusted and dedicated partner for exceptional clinical trial site management. We are based in the Canada, and our extensive experience, highly skilled team, and unwavering commitment to advancing medical research make us the go-to choice for clients seeking excellence in site management. Contact us today and let us support you in achieving your clinical research objectives.