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About us

About Conduct Research

Born Canadian, Conduct Research is an experienced clinical trials management company with connections to several sites in western Canada. Our passion for clinical trials is rooted in experience and knowledge in everything that we do.

Clinical trials are rapidly evolving, with new questions from ethics to additional regulations from governments. And when exploring the new and unknown for our patients and our communities, you will always need a partner you can trust – Conduct Research.

We offer CRO services with local and regional connections, we leverage on skilled talent for the smooth conduct of your trial.

We offer operational, regulatory, staffing, contractual, and other support to sites for industry and investigator-initiated trials.

We are subject matter experts in research, and have helped provincial healthcare systems design and implement workflows for trials.

Our Vision

To promote scientific innovation by providing the best research services to our patients, sponsors and sites, and by doing so, contribute to the knowledge of medicine and clinical research.

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate the conduct of clinical research. Conduct Research excels by working ethically, responsibly, and professionally using only the highest industry standards.

Our Values

Respect and compassion for our patients. Excellence and accountability in our conduct. Knowledge and safety in our practice.

Our Work

The conduct and management of Phase 1 through Phase III pharmaceutical, academic-sponsored, and investigator initiated clinical research.
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