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A Clinical Research
Conduct Research is a clinical development services company. Our approach to clinical trials is unique and advanced with new ideas and subject matter experts. We design, implement, and enhance clinical research that leads to informed decisions and focused clinical outcomes. Our passion for clinical trials is rooted in experience and knowledge in everything that we do.

Contract Research Organization

We offer CRO services with local and regional connections, we leverage on skilled talent for the smooth conduct of your trial.

Site Management Organization

We offer operational, regulatory, staffing, contractual, and other support to sites for industry and investigator-initiated trials.

Clinical Systems Consultation

We are subject matter experts in research, and have helped provincial healthcare systems design and implement workflows for trials.

About Conduct Research

Passionate about delivering clinical study solutions to meet your needs.

We are patient centered, and like hospitals and health care institutions, patients are always the highest priority. We want to bring clinical solutions to patients faster and swifter, and we want to bridge the gap in every possible way – as a CRO, a SMO, or consultations.

We are an interdisciplinary team, and we bring together subject matter experts in patient safety, quality improvement, nursing, biostatistics, and management, to look and approach your request from diverse perspectives.

We collaborate and network with stakeholders and strategic partners. We’ve broadened our approach to traditional clinical trials with inputs from clinicians, healthcare providers, researchers, and industry partners in various therapeutic areas.

Good Conduct, Better Results!

Enhancing Clinical Trials – for Sponsors and Sites

Conduct Research helps you drive healthcare forward by creating intelligent connections with an expansive portfolio of capabilities and technologies, unparalleled data, and global healthcare expertise.

Our passion for clinical trials is rooted in experience and knowledge in everything that we do. Conduct Research has years of experience in clinical research and clinical trials, patient screening and recruitment, and regulatory submissions. Our knowledge comes from the careful review of literature, surveys, stakeholder engagement sessions, and medical and scientific oversight in our work.